Four For The Future:

The 100’s Blueprint for Programmatic Initiatives


The 100 has a successful model that is a proven blueprint for mentoring and developing young people into future leaders.

100 Black Men chapters have historically and continue to deliver unique programs across the U.S. and in London that address specific needs in local communities. The network has activated partner-funded programs that deliver education, empowerment and leadership development across the 100’s Four For the Future focus areas. Peer-to-peer mentoring and group mentoring is inclusive of middle school, high school, college and soon Emerging 100 chapters (which will be scaled and connected to the 100 global network). The 100’s mentoring model offers youth unique educational opportunities that include connections with living legends and leaders across many industries. Online mentor training and the 100 virtual mentee curriculum completes #the100blueprint for mentoring.


The 100 has provided supplemental education programs and post-secondary tuition support to young people since the inception of the organization. It is the bedrock of the 100’s foundation and the blueprint for education partnerships that can be duplicated globally.

The 100 Black Men have successfully addressed questions that educators, politicians, community leaders and parents are wrestling with related to educating youth. Question: How to develop high-performing schools that deliver supplementary education and provide access to technology and STEM programs? 100 Black Men chapters throughout the network have made education the highest priority. All chapters are community partners, tutors and have identified public schools in their city where they deliver programs throughout the school year. A number of 100 chapters operate charter schools that have positively impacted communities for many years. Each of these school partnerships incorporates a mix of afterschool, Saturday school and summer enrichment programs.

The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. has created the blueprint for developing, launching, measuring and expanding successful grant-funded supplementary education programs. Following is a sample of programs that chapters are currently executing.

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Project Soar Education Advocacy
  • The Coca-Cola Company – Mentoring the 100 Way
  • Georgia Pacific- Mentoring the 100 Way
  • Georgia Power – Mentoring the 100 Way
  • Ed Choice  – Education Awareness and Advocacy Initiative
  • State Farm – African American History Challenge
  • Axon/Taser – Safe Community Initiative
  • Shell – STEM Career Awareness

In support of the education dreams of 100 mentees, who are deserving youth that the 100 mentored and encouraged to dream big, the following education programs are #the100blueprint for post-secondary education funding.

  • 100 Black Men of America, Inc. Annual Scholarship Program
  • 100 Black Men Chapter’s Annual Scholarship Programs
  • 100 Chapters’ Partner Scholarship Programs (Corporate and Foundation Scholarships)
  • 100 Black Men of America, Inc. direct/ full-ride scholarship partnerships

In addition to scholarships, the 100 Black Men chapters expose and educate youth that are traditionally underserved and underexposed to STEM programs. Through 100 Robotics programs and unique STEM initiatives, that include collaborations with 100 members who are inventors, doctors, engineers, scientists and technology professionals, youth are being prepared for future college and career opportunities that will change their lives. This is #the100blueprint for education.

Health & Wellness

100 Black Men of America, Inc. is committed to delivering a community health fair or a health-screening event whenever the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. convenes. Within the 100, the number of doctors, members in leadership roles and members connected to major health organizations are unprecedented. This knowledge leadership includes a former U.S. Surgeon General. The 100’s health & wellness initiatives are multi-generational and include health education, free screenings, referrals, follow up, partnerships and advocacy.

Because of the high rates of cases in the African American community and decades-long, complex health disparity issues the 100’s Health and Wellness initiatives will always include the #the100blueprint for addressing the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Mental Illness
  • High Blood Pressure/Heart Disease

The 100 Black Men’s Health & Wellness Committee has established a successful blueprint for developing strategic partnerships that raise a collective voice to help increase awareness and provide health education to mitigate chronic conditions and diseases that plague the African American community. Current grant-funded programs include:

  • Wal-Mart Foundation – FedUp “Hack4Health” Campaign
  • Aetna Foundation – Project H.E.A.R.T.
  • AARP – Collaboration for Advocacy and Local Engagement
  • Healthcare Partnership Initiatives:
    • The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF)
    • Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN)
    • Center for Healthy African American Men through Partnerships (CHAAMPS)

Economic Empowerment

The 100 Black Men of America, Inc., through its chapter network, has always delivered programs to empower our mentees, their families and the communities in which they live. Chapter executions have ranged from foundational education in banking (checking and savings account) to wealth creation including home ownership, investment programs, entrepreneurship and retirement planning.

Established programs representing #the100blueprint for Economic Empowerment include:

  • Financial Literacy Programs
  • Ally Financial – Wallet Wise Program
  • State Farm Insurance – Dollars and $ense Youth Investment Competition
  • Wells Fargo – Hands on Banking
  • Wells Fargo – Pathways to Success

Leadership Development

The 100 will be expanding its leadership development program, which will result in the 100’s blueprint for developing leaders in high school and college, effectively bridging and positioning them for success as young professionals. The organization will also continue to enhance internal leadership development with technical member training at every meeting.

The following programs, initiatives, and training represent #the100blueprint for economic empowerment and all are transferable to other nonprofit organizations.

  • Summer Institute for Young People
  • Civic Engagement through Real Men Vote (Registration, Education, Participation)
  • Expanding Emerging 100 nationally
  • Chapter sustainability and capacity building workshops

The 100’s blueprint for leadership development includes the following grant-funded programs:

  • US Army – Army College Tours
  • Wells Fargo – Collegiate 100® Sophomore Scholars Program
  • Delta Air Lines – Keep Climbing Initiative
  • Wal-Mart – Next Generation


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