The Detroit Chapter Attends NAACP Dinner

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What a great opportunity for our young men.  

Thanks to the generous contributions from both Ally Financial and General Motors, we had three full tables at the May 5th NAACP dinner and were able to bring 30 people to this great event (and we had great seats).  

The Detroit NAACP dinner is touted as the largest sit down dinner in the country.  Sunday’s key note speaker was Sen. Kamala Harris.  In addition, we had an opportunity to see others, including Michigan State Senators, Detroit Major Dugan plus other officials.

We put “practice to the test” – yes, even at the dinner, we reminded our young men about our etiquette sessions and watched as they properly determined which water glass belonged to them (BMW – Bread-Meat-Water – so the water glass is on the right), who gets the bread first (this was somewhat difficult because you are supposed to pass the bread to the eldest woman at the table – we didn’t want to get in trouble with this).  I wasn’t at all surprised at how well they did.

I also want to send a special thanks to our parents – several attended with us – and provided transportation to the event.   They also agreed to take neighboring young men home – and this really helps us.  Thanks again.

And of course, there are the pictures.  I have to tell you, our group really stood out.  Several people approached and asked about our Project Success Program.  Judge Craig Strong is no stranger to Project Success – and he “just” had to be in our picture.  Imagine that – our young men got the opportunity to meet with him.

Take a look at the picture with the young girl upfront.  She is very special – as is all of our young ladies.  She was just a “passerby” and her grandmother gave her permission to join in the picture.  

While we were taking our picture, several others stopped to take a picture of us.  One profession photographer moved us around for a group shot.  She promised to send us the link – I will share that when it comes.  

Your young men stood up, looked very nice – and this is what Project Success is all about.