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EdChoice Education Awareness and Advocacy Initiative: Project Soar

100 Black Men of America, Inc. is committed to its community and citizens. Improving the educational outcomes of our youth at an early age leads to economic empowerment and helps to change individual lives and entire communities, regions, states, and nations. The 100 grants chapters funding to promote the 100’s position on increasing the number of high-performing public schools in our communities for African American youth through 4 focus areas; particularly males, a position that is aimed to increase education equity that leads to increased literacy and learning, on-time grade-level advancements, and on-time high school graduation rates. Project SOAR, the 100’s education transformation initiative, is designed to improve the college and career readiness of African American youth, without the need for remediation. The goal of this High-Quality Public Education Awareness and Advocacy Initiative is to foster and facilitate dialogues in targeted communities about the need for high-performing public school options available and accessible for African American youth.


Help Make A Difference In the Lives Of Our Youth