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The C100 NextGen Conference Recap

An Inaugural Collegiate 100® Conference Worth Its Weight

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Why We Choose The 100 Way

Sponsors of the Collegiate 100 Conference tells us why they choose The 100 Way!

According to Ebonie Sanders, Director of 100 BMOA Development, the Collegiate 100 Conference’s closing event – the Graduate School and Career Fair – received top marks from several recruiters for its level of organization, preparation and execution.  Carolyn Morales, Director of Diversity Initiatives at The Ohio State University said, “I’ve been to a lot of career fairs and recruitment days, but this has to be one of the best ones I’ve participated in.  It’s very well organized and the atmosphere is great. This is excellent.”

And, it’s probably safe to say that many attendees shared Ms. Morales’ sentiment about the jam-packed, three-day event that offered informative and exciting panel discussions, coupled with significant receptions and fun activities.  From the opening session on Wednesday afternoon to the closing Social Media and Etiquette session on Saturday, the speakers brought a wealth of tips for success to share with the over 200 students who attended the first annual Collegiate 100 NextGen Conference.  Even if you were just a little tired each morning, you soon perked up at the opening breakfast session that featured wisdom-filled keynotes speakers, followed by sessions that were designed to help C100 students put their best foot forward as they step into the real world of graduate school interviews and career. 

If you did know that Ralph Bunche, the strategic negotiator and United States’ diplomat to the United Nations – known for his peacekeeping prowess in the Middle East, Africa and the Mediterranean – was the first African American to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1950 for brokering the 1949 Armistice Agreements in the Middle East, you learned it during a riveting keynote address by The 100’s Board of Director Chairman, Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., at Thursday morning’s breakfast.  While specific to the students, Dortch reminded the audience, in a message applicable for the generations, that we all need to know our history. “We don’t have any excuse not to know our history.  You can’t blame any one and say they didn’t teach you. You have the internet and you just need to do the research. They give you his-story – you need to know your story. You need to know who and whose you are.”

C100 Committee and Conference Chairman, Michael Victorian, says the idea for the Collegiate 100 Conference stemmed from a conversation with 100 Board Vice Chair, Albert Dotson, Esq., eleven months ago. Dotson said, “Do you think we can pull it off?”  It was a good question.

The challenge would be to ensure proper communication to the local chapters that oversee Collegiate 100 chapters to get their buy-in and attendance in something The 100 hadn’t done before.  The goal of the conference would be multi-pronged:

  • To give the students an opportunity to express themselves in a larger group.
  • To clearly communicate what The 100 has to offer.
  • To allow students to network so that they don’t feel isolated.
  • To assure students they that belong to a strong network of national and international leaders, focused on mentoring the next generation.
  • To share the caliber of students that we mentor in our C100 network with our sponsors, graduate schools and corporate job fair participants.

Victorian couldn’t be more pleased with the inaugural event. “Looking forward, this first C100 Conference was an overwhelming success.  We now have a blueprint to build a strong annual conference.  We hope to have the funding.  We have the future leaders for our country and our organization working together.”

When asked if he would lead the C100 Conference next year, Victorian responded, “I’d do it all over again tomorrow!  The feedback has been overwhelming.  I’ve gotten text messages and calls from students, parents and Chapter Advisors saying how much they enjoyed and appreciated this experience.”  With a goal of 200 students in attendance, the final count was 219 – “We exceeded our target attendance.  All of these factors serve as a measure of success!”

For all that it takes to plan and execute an Inaugural Conference aimed at encouraging, training and enhancing the work of the dedicated Local Chapter Advisors that lead a Collegiate Chapter, the NextGen Conference did not disappoint and indeed, set a high bar for years to come.

Thanks to the C100 Conference Planning Committee, left to right: Solomon Franklin, Earl Levison, Donn Lewis, Darius Chapman, Michael W. Victorian (Chair), Bethew Jennings, and Darnell Joseph

The NextGen Conference Inaugural Playbook



Overview: The 100 Black Men of America, Inc. is thrilled to bring Collegiate 100® students from across the nation together for our inaugural Collegiate 100® Conference. This conference is an opportunity to highlight the successes of these young adults while enhancing their skills and achievement levels by providing targeted trainings to assist students in excelling beyond college. During this session, Collegiate 100® students will also learn the successes achieved by our 2019 Collegiate 100® Chapters of the Year that can be implemented within their Collegiate 100 chapters going forward.

Michael Victorian, Collegiate 100®Committee Chair, & Collegiate 100® Committee

James Duke, 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc.
Darnell Joseph, Chairman Emeritus and Founding Board Member, 100 Black Men of Metropolitan Houston Chapter Inc. & Co-Founder & Advisor, Collegiate 100 of Texas Southern University
Jalen Triplett, Collegiate 100 of Southern University & A&M College, C-100 Chapter of the Year
Emmanuel Damas, President, Collegiate 100 of Florida A&M University, C-100 Chapter of the Year
Taylor Williams, Member, Collegiate 100 of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis


Overview: Collegiate 100® students are encouraged to be a part of the broader solution by giving back to others. The Collegiate 100® Conference events team has organized a meaningful way for you to help members of this community. Participating in this Community Engagement Project will provide an opportunity for all Collegiate 100® students to enhance their skills, expand their network, and make a difference in the lives of others.

James Duke, President, 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, Inc.
Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr., Senior Pastor, Eastern Star Church Care Center
Darnae Scales, Mission Manager, Eastern Star Church Care Center


During this Community Engagement Project, students packaged Care Bags for the Eastern Star Church Care Center, which helps meet the needs of the less fortunate and individuals who require emergency assistance. All Collegiate 100 students are encouraged to donate a bar of soap for the Care Bags and wear their college/university or Collegiate 100 t-shirt.

Community Engagement Project B – College Day

Select Collegiate 100 students had the opportunity to visit Kipp High School and talk about their college experience with high school juniors and seniors; thus, encouraging these students to enroll and graduate from a college or university. Collegiate 100 students are encouraged to wear their college/university or Collegiate 100 t-shirts for College Day.




Leadership Development Breakfast

Overview: Effective leadership is essential to a company’s success. This reasoning is why companies seek multifaceted leaders who can act on a broad vision, introduce change, engage the workforce, and sustain competitive advantage through effective leadership practices. The Collegiate 100 Leadership Development Breakfast will provide proven learning solutions that will help students learn techniques to enhance their leadership skills while helping to define their leadership style. 

Derrick J. Stewart, CEO, YMCA of Greater Indianapolis
Keynote Address: Thomas W. Dortch, Jr., Board of Director Chairman, 100 Black Men of America, Inc.


Overview: Participants will learn the basic of financial literacy, which will allow them the opportunity to make more informed financial decisions. Better financial choices aid in providing opportunities for a better future. This hands-on workshop will also give practical examples and applications for managing personal finances and creating wealth.

Jessica Johnson, Founder and Executive Director, The Scholarship Academy

Dress for Success & Dining Etiquette Luncheon

Overview: Conference attendees will gain knowledge on proper business attire and learn proper dining etiquettes for business meal functions. Business meals and social functions are great opportunities to display your knowledge, communication skills, and to build relationships. Taking the time to strengthen your social skills can enhance your success. This session will highlight the importance of presenting a positive professional image and how to avoid common dining etiquette mistakes.

Monica Lewis, Founder and CEO & Darian K. Lewis, Sr., Chief Marketing Officer/COO, Monica Lewis School of Etiquette

Dress for Success Fashion Show: Macy’s “Lifestyle Expert”


Overview: In today’s competitive job market, effective resume and interview skills are an essential part of career success. This workshop addresses targeted strategies for resume writing and preparing for job and volunteer interviews. Learn how to effectively highlight your knowledge, experiences, and abilities on your resume and during job interviews to become better prepared for the “behavior-based” interview approach that many employers use today.

Chasity Q. Thompson, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Adjunct Professor, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law


Overview: Are you thinking about attending graduate school? Come to this workshop and learn more about post-graduate opportunities and requirements. During this workshop, Collegiate 100 students will be provided with a variety of resources to help plan and prepare for that important step in their life. Students will receive tips and tools to prepare for entrance exams, financial aid, and the application process for Graduate School.

Edward Brown, Ed.D., Interim Assistant Provost and Dean, Harold Lloyd Murphy Graduate School, Alabama State University
Karen E. Bravo, Vice Dean and Professor of Law, Director, MJ Program, Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law

Workshop: Mentoring

Overview: As a national leading mentoring organization, 100 Black Men of America, Inc. will focus on the importance of mentorship for Collegiate 100 students. High quality mentoring is important; not only because there is a transference of knowledge and skills, but the social support can greatly aid in one’s success. The positive impact of mentoring can have long-term effects on a student’s achievement, for both the mentor and the mentee. The organization’s leadership will highlight the Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime training module, which will focus on research-based practices. Conference participants are also encouraged to actively seek mentoring opportunities post-conference. 

Facilitator: Michael Victorian


Understanding Advocacy Dinner

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Our Corporate and Graduate School Participants

Thanks to our corporate and graduate school participants. 
Your investment in the “The 100 Way” means so much to so many!