100 Black Men of America, Inc. is the pre-eminent African American-led youth mentoring organization in the country. A network of over 100 Chapters serve youth and communities to provide excellence in education, economic empowerment, leadership development, and health and wellness. Thousands of 100 Black Men serve diligently and consistently as mentors to disenfranchised youth to affect positive changes in their life’s trajectory and career pathways. The Mentor of the Year Award was created to recognize an outstanding 100 Black Men member who is committed to Mentoring the 100 Way® to make a verifiable difference in the lives of youth to help them become future mentors, contributing members of society, and a viable part of the economic fabric of our country.

To be eligible to submit a nomination for Mentor of the Year, the local 100 Black Men Chapter must have an active mentoring program that adheres to the below guidelines and definitions of Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime®.


Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime® is Chapter members and volunteers providing personal and professional guidance, development, and coaching for community youth across multiple life-phases with the purpose of strengthening them as individuals, community citizens and future professionals. The goal of Mentoring the 100 Way Across A Lifetime® is to build trusted mentor/mentee relationships over a period of time of at least a school year, but preferably multiple years. Effective mentoring is considered to be two-way, face-to-face, individual or group mentor/mentee interactions occurring weekly or at least bi-monthly and supplemented by phone, e-mail, and/or other virtual communication.

Types of Mentoring the 100 Way®

  • 1 to 1: One Chapter member matched with one Collegiate 100® member or youth mentee; a Collegiate 100® member matched with one youth mentee.
  • Group: One Chapter member or Collegiate 100® member matched with a small group (2-4) of mentees
  • Team: A small group (e.g., 2-4) of Chapter members and Collegiate 100® members matched with a small group of (6-8) of mentees.
  • Peer to Peer: Youth mentoring youth; Collegiate 100® members mentoring other collegiate; Chapter members mentoring other Chapter members or other adults.

Role of the Mentor

The mentor provides consistent support, guidance and targeted activities as the youth grows and matures. Within the framework of this growth and maturity, it is anticipated that the youth will experience difficult and challenging situations that require advice and counsel. The mentor’s goal is to encourage and guide the mentee through life experiences that helps to develop a positive self-confidence and self-respect, establish and pursue life-long goals, promote healthy personal and family relationships, economic empowerment, and encourage excellence in education and leadership skills.


The Thomas W. Dortch, Jr. Mentor of the Year Award shall be presented to a 100 Black Men Chapter member who is “In Good Standing” nationally and with his local Chapter and over the age of 23. The member must have been an active mentor in his Chapter during the entire previous calendar year and who spent quality time advising, guiding and motivating youth within the Chapter’s mentoring program.

The Mentor of the Year nominee must be a recognized and revered member who has been and continues to be an exemplary role model, leader, and advocate for the betterment of young people. The nominee should also have the follow characteristics or demonstrated actions and outcomes:

  • Served as a volunteer mentor in a 100 Black Men Chapter for at least three consecutive years through a structured Chapter mentoring program;
  • Commitment to the mentoring relationship/program of his current 100 Black Men Chapter as indicated by consistently dedicating an average of at least eight hours per month to one-on-one or group mentoring activities;
  • Embodied and exemplified integrity and the 100 Black Men of America mantra, “What they see is what they will be.
  • Exercised patience and compassion and had realistic and attainable expectations of youth;
  • Promoted the involvement and collaboration of the mentees’ family, teachers, and stakeholders in his/her continued growth and development;
  • Affected positive changes in the behavior, attitude, academic progress, and overall growth and development of mentees in his 100 Black Men Chapter’s mentoring program; and
  • Commitment to the uplifting and empowering of self, mentees, family, friends, peers, and community through actions, deeds, and school/civic/community service.


Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements and deadlines to qualify. For your convenience, an editable PDF of the application is attached. The completed application packet must be sent to the email address below. Application packets must be sent no later than Friday, March 9, 2018. Facsimiles and incomplete packets will not be accepted. The winners of each award will be notified by May 1st. Email complete application packets to:

Dr. Trenese McNealy, Manager of Program Operations 100 Black Men of America, Inc. [email protected]


100 Black Men of America’s Mentor of the Year Application may be obtained from World Headquarters. It is encouraged and preferred that all applications be typed rather than handwritten.

Nomination Letter
Candidates for Mentor of the Year shall be officially nominated by his local Chapter. The nomination letter shall be drafted by the president on behalf of the Chapter and shall certify the candidate’s level and length of service as a mentor in the Chapter. Each Chapter may nominate one candidate for this award annually.


Letters of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation shall be written by the mentee or a community partner who is familiar with the candidate’s contributions as a mentor. This may include, but is not limited to a teacher, parent of a student, corporate stakeholder, or a representative from a partnering organization. The letter should include their relation to the applicant, length of relationship, and specific details stating why the applicant should be awarded this honor. Applicants may not use letters written by guardians or relatives. Recommendation letters must be typed.


The current Mentor of the Year Nomination Form must be completed in its entirety by the appropriate member of the sponsoring 100 Black Men Chapter in which the nominee is a mentor. The form must be submitted to 100 Black Men of America, Inc. by the stated deadline. An Awards Evaluation Committee will review, evaluate and score all of the nomination forms. The nominee with the highest average score will be deemed the winner. A formal awards notification letter will be sent to the Chapter President of the winner. Formal notification letters will also be sent to the President of each of the non-winning 100 Black Men Chapters that submitted a Mentor of the Year Nomination Form.


Presentation will be held during the Annual Conference. The winning Chapter Mentor MUST commit to attending the 32nd Annual Conference in Hollywood, FL, June 14-17, 2018. If the honoree is not available to accept the award at the designated timeframe due to unforeseeable or prior obligations, the Chairman of the Board reserves the right to present the award at an alternative Annual Conference event (e.g. State of the 100 Report Breakfast). The winner will receive complimentary Annual Conference amenities and prizes that are non- transferrable. Conference amenities cannot be reserved for future use and will be forfeited if not used. The Annual Conference amenities and other prizes include the following:

  • One (1) * roundtrip airline ticket to the Annual Conference, only if required for travel;
  • Roundtrip ground transportation from the airport to the Annual Conference hotel;
  • Standard accommodations for four (4) nights at the Annual Conference hotel;
  • One (1) full Annual Conference member registration package for the current year;
  • $1,500 restricted Chapter grant to support any existing mentoring or youth development program of the Mentor of the Year’s 100 Black Men Chapter;
  • Mentor of the Year medallion; and Mentor of the Year trophy.

Please contact Dr. Trenese McNealy for additional information at (404) 653-6035 or [email protected] .

In service,

Dr. Joshua Murfree
Program and Mentoring Chairman,100 Black Men of America, Inc.