Legendary Leadership: Empowering the Next Generation

Barbershop Tour

On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, The 100 Network hosted the Washington, D.C Barbershop Forum.

By 2:35 pm, Room 103A at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC was standing room only. The panel, sponsored by AT&T and moderated by Atlanta-based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s Senior Pastor, Reverend Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, was a hot-bed of discussion focused on the stories from around the country that don’t make the nightly news.
Panelists wowed the audience as they discussed legal cases involving the unjust incarceration and sentences handed down to both black men and women in courtrooms across the country. The lengthy sentences that African Americans receive as compared to their white counterparts for the same or lesser crimes sparked the dialogue and drove the conversation. From the history of our ancestors who gave their lives for the right to vote to the generation that must move forward to address these issues, The 100 Network’s Barbershop Forum took this “Cut out of Life” to the next level, sparking a spirited Q&A session that will keep attendees networking for weeks to come.

9/11 Patriot Day

100 Black Men of America, Inc. remembers the tragic loss of life on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. Our prayers remain with the families as we work to improve lives in communities across the nation and around the world.

Faith as the Foundation

The “Moving in Faith” Breakfast

Early Friday morning, the sun was barely over the horizon when men and women from all walks of life gathered together to share breakfast and bear witness to a message for the ages.

Bishop John Richard Bryant is the 106th elected Bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) church. Assigned to West Africa, he oversaw 101 churches and 25 schools. He has pastored three churches and now serves as a mentor for Payne College’s Doctor of Ministry Degree program.
Bishop Bryant brought a savory flavor to the morning’s meal with a riveting message that encouraged and challenged everyone to remember the foundation of faith that led to the inception of 100 Black Men of America. He applauded the “condition of heart and resolve of mind” that it has taken to build what is now “100 Black Men of America Inc.” Lastly, he reminded members of their responsibility in continuing to empower the next generation – a call to action for TODAY.

Get Out The Vote

Immediately following the “Moving in Faith” Breakfast, attendees quickly moved to the Washington Convention Center for the “Get Out the Vote” panel discussion at 9 am.

The Black Male Vote: What Are Voting For?

As a community, we must get prepared to vote – that means reviewing the candidates, establishing criteria for casting your vote and understanding why you vote, the way you vote. This panel discussion centered around key points to consider as we look toward the 2020 local, primary and general elections. The issue: our individual well-being as black men and the future of our families, community, nation and the world.

The panel discussion centered on our right to vote and the obligation we have, to get out and vote. Panelists reminded the audience that we can dictate our future by voting.

Research has shown that the Black male vote is diverse in a wide variety of ways, as evidenced in recent local, state, and national elections. This panel addressed why we are voting the way we do, and how candidates from a variety of backgrounds can appeal to our needs.

This weighty topic must remain at the forefront of our conversations. It will help to guide us, as we begin to evaluate the issues and weigh our options in the 2020 elections. With so much at stake, it is essential that we are prepared to exercise our right to vote and that we urge others to do the same.

The 100 Knows the Importance of Health and Wellness

Putting your health first so you can help others…

As a priority, the Health and Wellness Committee continues to keep The 100 at 100%.

With Hypertension Screenings available and encouraged throughout the conference, attendees were treated to a candlelit room with three blood pressure check stations.

Participants received tips on how to control and maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Advice of the Day? .

Was it all work and no play?

Back to Black Masquerade Ball

Along with the hard work, there was time to enjoy the company of old and new friends. The Back to Black Masquerade, featuring R&B hitmakers “Midnight Star” did not disappoint. From one generation to the next, there were sequenced dresses, jackets and shoes that set the dance floor ablaze.

While no one was hiding behind their mask, it was fun to see the creative and sophisticated combinations. For sure, a good time was had by all.

Cruise on the Potomac

“All aboard the Washington Star”

What has become the signature event for the Fall Leadership Conference was again, a full house. Good music, good food and great dance moves on the dance floor made attendees work up a sweat!

Thanks To Our Sponsors

Our sponsors have risen to the challenge, time and again. 100 Black Men of America thanks them for their commitment to the programs that have been pillars for building solid foundations in the lives of boys and girls…who have become men and women of strong character.

They have become pillars…because mentoring works.

Thanks also to all panelists, moderators and the 100 BMOA Chapters in the Greater Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia area.